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While we’ve been successful in our electromechanical engineering projects for 18 years, we’ve never been this connected as we are now when using intgr8’s Google Apps for Work. Our collaboration and project information sharing have increased while in the office or remotely. we’ve also been handling customer project requests faster than ever before and we certainly are fans of of intgr8’s solutions and their impact to our success.

Marvin Ignacio

Director IT, Menasco Mechanical

At Alger-Triton international & Wired-Designs, we combine rays of lights with heavy metal to create some of the most advanced and beautiful lighting fixture designs out there. With multiple offices globally in the US, Europe and Asia, it was important for us to eliminate our dependency on outdated email and shared physical storage space in multiple locations within our company. intgr8 by mediaNext Labs have provided a clean migration path to cloud based services, excellent deployment handling and the training necessary to get all of our employees acquainted with the new system. We’ve expanded our use of Google Apps for Work since initial deployment and continue to reap the benefits of a virtually connected office from intgr8 by mediaNext Labs.

Jeff Thraen

Vice President, Alger-Triton International

At the SoCal Society of Telecommunication engineers in Irwindale, CA, we’ve often depended on email and hard drives to share and keep information related to the society’s events, memberships and planning committees. With annual elections and rotation of board members, keeping an eye on who has the data when have became a huge burden. It’s been several months now since we’ve adopted cloud based services from intgr8 by mediaNext Labs and we’ve seen an excellent transparency in collaborative information sharing during newsletter creation, a preservation of a professional Society image with our Gmail service from intgr8 not to mention a very affordable cost considering we are a not for profit organization. We thank mediaNext Labs for providing such advanced services to our Society and highly recommend them.

Southern California SCTE

As an independent accounting consultancy firm, we are constantly at customer sites and in need of immediate access to all of our customer information and accounting data. We use intgr8’s Google Apps for Work SW suite for a professional email/Gmail service that allows us to find any topic through the thousands of messages we receive with ease. We also use cloud drive to safely access customer data when and where it’s needed from any mobile device or web browser.

Ahmed Moe

CFO, Valencia Tax Group