use cases.


are you a small cable operators?

smaller companies often face stringent competitive conditions without resource equality, working with a satellite based video distribution center, internally created SW tools and a smart architecture design, we reduced CapEx and streamlined operations for smaller telecom cable providers allowing them to compete more... read more

A script for a SW app?

to communicate the value of this video OnDemand & Live TV iOS & Android SW application to target audiences, we’ve devised a script that spoke to each of them, to the technology feature set and to each presenter then rinse/repeat & the entire team is now fluent in the art of communicating whats important…The app was purchased by a Hollywood... read more

cloud for business…

in this 18 year old very successful electromechanical engineering firm, employee collaboration & unshackling of data from physical constraints were still to be realized… liberating them from their on premise IT solution and SW download heavy environments improved morale, but also reduced operational costs, SW CapEx & improved... read more

product vs marketing?

or is it Product Marketing? at one of our partners sites, we helped replace silos with bridges when analyzing the effectiveness of a user experience design for a large US based telecom... read more

do you know your customers?

what do they look like? what peaks their interest and how do you not only get them to try your product but continue to use it and pitch it on your behalf to all of their friends/colleagues… We help many of our partners identify and focus on what moves the product... read more

are you agile?

creating a startup within a company that invented color television 100 years ago was in itself a challenge. We provided product leadership, vision & transformed the SW development teams methods from waterfall to agile SW development which resonated with customers, partners and technology... read more